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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Secret of Wisdom

These are the words of a wise old man. George W. Comstock, an epidemiologist renowned for proving both what worked and what didn’t in the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis. He died last sunday of prostate cancer on the age of 92 and he had never retired:

Comstock said of his career: “I never really thought too much of it in terms of achievement. It’s been fun. While there are people in science, of course, who are shooting for the Nobel Prize, who are shooting to be the top dog in this field, but I think most of us are just interested in learning something that will push the knowledge a little bit further ahead. And, you know, that’s gratifying.”

For his achievements you can read an article at Health Blog by Jacob Goldstein.
For me these words are an example of wisdom that struck me.

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