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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Free Photos

Loch Awe Scotland
Beautiful pictures accompanying a post draws attention to the message or vice versa. Finding a good picture that emphasizes the message of the post is hard to get. Sometimes if I am lucky I can use one of my own. For presentations I have a set self made photo's about ECT.

Luckily there are few free photo sites such as:

  • The site uses the following categories: USA, Business, Europe, Nature, Transport, United Kingdom, and other.
    Our on-line images are covered by the Creative Commons license for non-commercial, no derivatives, attribution license ( This provides for use in any media providing it is not for commercial purposes and they are not making a derivative image or gallery.ANYONE, by which we mean commercial and non-commercial alike, can use images in an online setting, providing they provide attribution to the image and a link back to (either the image or the main site).

    You will have to give your e-mail address, but than you can start the download. The picture is presented in a separate window were you can right click and save as.. The image above and below are from FreeFoto. It is Loch Awe in Scotland

  • A better site is All you have to do is join the mailing list and credit the source when using the image. I didn't join the mailing list but could still use the images with a simple right click and save picture as....

  • On you can only get photos with their name on it,
    Every photograph used must retain the domain name: when used on the Internet, in a web page, in printed publications, or in any product, advertising, or packaging. This credit, however, may be cropped out or digitally removed from the photograph if it is included in readable type near each photograph, group of photographs, in the text, or in the credits.
    Downloading them is easy. Just use right click with save picture as...

Did I mis any? Thanks


Confabula said...

Thanks for the tips - Well … I’m giving myself some meditative time googeling for pictures. Not very practical - I know. But here I have some other sites. I don’t use them myself (hooked to meditation).
And, if you like animations or clipart:

Most sites give a lot tips to other sites with images. It’s too much for me!

Dr. Shock said...

Thanks an impressive list, regards dr shock