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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

China's Crackdown on Internet

china internet cafe

The crackdown, christened "Operation For Tomorrow," is aimed at Web sites offering unregistered playing platforms or services for gamers that can be downloaded.

Unlicensed Internet cafes, known as "black Web bars," will be closed down and supervision will be tightened over legal cafes, the report said.

Online pornography will also be attacked under the crackdown, the report said.

The Chinese Government has a special relationship with the Internet.

Like most such measures, the crackdown seeks to increase government supervision and control over services for vulnerable groups.

Probably a creative manner of censorship by the Chinese government.


Aqua said...

It will be interesting to see how the Chinese government keeps track or censors their olympic visitors who may be using computers and cell phones etc. to relay messages from Bejing about China during the Olympics

Dr. Shock said...

They probably won't have enough "guides" to follow them all. But there
are a lot of chinese.......;)