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Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Blog About Electroconvulsive Therapy

Found a new recent blog called Electroconvulsive Therapy, all about.... you guessed it.

It has a recent post on cognitive side-effects with ultrabrief stimulus. The results were presented as a poster at the European congress of psychiatry of the AEP in Nice, France, 4-9 April.

We concluded that bifrontal and unilateral ultra-brief pulse ECT are effective treatment techniques that do not cause measurable cognitive side-effects or cognitive complaints.

The author also has a blog called: A day in the life of a shrink. It is in Dutch or should I say Belgian.

1 comment:

shrink said...

hi there dr shock! thanks for linking my blog(s). I have also taken the liberty of putting a link to your blog on mine. I'm impressed with the work you've already done! I'll be a regular visitor.
all te best