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Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Diet Plate, food and depression

I have recently written a post about food and depression and how healthy eating might help. Here is another interesting site for help on healthy eating.

The Diet Plate ® system, invented by Kay Illingworth, centres around a portion control plate that literally takes all the guesswork from maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. That means there's no counting calories, points or fat grams and no denial of essential food groups, so it doesn't rely on having to eat starchy carbohydrate one day and protein the next.

They have studied the use of this plate with patients with type 2 diabetes in clinical trials. The results off this study are promising so they say. The article is being reviewed, but they already mention the effects being very positive. As stated earlier:
Research in this area is still underway so it is not possible to draw any firm conclusions but the evidence does suggest that it is worth trying to follow a healthy diet in order to protect our mental health.


Anonymous said...

I have to tell you that I have been using my Diet Plate and Bowl from for 13 months solid and it has changed my life. I have seen my body change from a size 2xx to a size 6, my energy levels soar, my mental health has improved drastically as has my aproach to food. A brilliant invention - and well done to Kay Illingowrth from England.

Dr. Shock said...

Very good. Glad it works. When the diet plates came in one was broken. They promised a new one but I have never received the plate unfortunately.

Kay Illingworth said...

Dear Dr Shock,
I have just read that you did not receive a replacement for your broken plate. Huge apologies for this oversight from despatch. We send out thousands every month. Please email with your full contact details and I wll personally ensure that you get your replacement plate. Was it the female version which broke?