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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Michelangelo Antonioni, depressed?

Today I read in the newspaper that another important film director had died: Michelangelo Antnioni. His movies Identificazione di una Donna and Blow Up made an ever lasting impression on me, more than any other movie by Ingmar Bergman. Not that those two film makers could easily be compared, their style and themes differed remarkably. Reading about Ingmar Bergman I was surprised to learn that he suffered from depression and even had to be hospitalised for his depression. I wondered whether Antonioni also suffered from depression during his life. In an obituary in the Herald Tribune I learned that In 1954 the 12-year marriage of M. Antonioni to Letizia Balboni fell apart. Antonioni sank into a deep depression. His insomnia worsened. Often he spent the early morning hours writing screenplays.
This is the only reference to a probable depression I could find. Does anyone know more about Antonioni suffering from depression?
The movie "The Passenger" made by Antonioni is about a melancholic, depressed, and jaded television reporter (Jack Nicholson) assuming the identity of a dead man while at a hotel in a north African country, not knowing that the man was a renowned arms smuggler.
Have to have a look at this movie.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dr Shock,

I am an executive television producer and a consultant.

I am helping a young woman write about her experiene as a self-mutilator and she has also had ect (although they did the wrong side of her head)

I was hoping you could tell me a little more about yourself before I subscribe to your blog.

I do not mean to be rude are you an m.d.?

If not, would you please tell me about your education and a little more about yourself and why you came to the blogging world.

Thank you very much,
All my Best,
Alisa Marie Bellettini