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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The New Hype: Case Reports

The British Medical Journal urges you to submit your case reports.

Accepted cases will initially be published on our beta site but then copy edited and published on the live as soon as it is ready (scheduled for September 2008). This site will have sophisticated searching, browsing and alerting functionality.

Recently I wrote a post about the Cases Journal from BioMed Central(PubMed) So this first cases journal now has some competition.
Cases Journal is a peer-reviewed, open access journal publishing case reports from any area of healthcare that are understandable, ethical, authentic and include all information essential to its interpretation. Case reports will be archived in PubMed Central, and incorporated into our forthcoming database of case reports.

The BMJ offers a case report fellow ship for the authors of case reports.
BMJ Case Reports has a unique subscription model whereby users (whether authors and/or readers) become FELLOWS for an annual fee. But to celebrate the launch of BMJ Case Reports we are offering free fellowships to authors of the first 100 cases submitted (you will be able to submit as many cases as you like and access all the published cases until the end of 2009).

Now why all of a sudden this interest in case reports? According to Cases Journal:
It can potentially help democratize the reporting of health and disease by widening the definition of cases to include those that matter not just to physicians but also to patients, their families, and to the community at large.
They even mention evidence based medicine and introduce case reports as a counterpoise. Or is it the Internet traffic they want to attract to their sites covered with advertisements about their journals?
What do you think, let me know in the comments.

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