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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shrink Rap Grand Rounds: The iPhone 3G Edition

iphone 3G
The three shrinks of Shrink rap did an amazing job with this Grand Rounds, Volume 4, #40. Since the anticipated release of the Apple iPhone 3G is just around the corner (July 11), they asked for submissions to have some connection to the iPhone, no matter how twisted the logic is to make the connection.They made nice graphics and icons to go along with their update of the medical blogosphere.

They even supplied graphics for links to their grand round, see the picture above this post. The red circle is the contribution of Dr Shock, on their site you can click this icon to read the post. Enjoy....

1 comment:

Roy said...

Hey, thanks for putting up a post for Grand Rounds. Your readers should know that your voice is on our podcast, so if you all want to hear what Dr Shock sounds like, check out this podcast link to listen right now.
-Roy from My Three Shrinks