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Thursday, August 9, 2007

6 Tips on Staying Up-to-Date on Anything

As mentioned before I use my blog for fun and staying up to date on the most important topics for my work. Since I am working as a psychiatrist in a University Hospital my interests are several. Depression, electroshock, education and research to name a few. Computers and internet not only for work but also to work as efficient as possible. GTD has no secrets for me anymore but I still waste a lot of time reading about the tips and tricks online.
On one of my favourite blogs their was an article on 6 tips on staying Up-to-date in genetics, but genetics can be replaced by anything such as depression, GTD etc. The author added a few more suggestions of which I recognised many. I use these strategies to fill my blog and some more, but maybe one day I will reveal these tricks with the title: How does a shrink keep up?

The blog also has an interesting article how to use your blog to build an educational portfolio. An educational portfolio is a collection of research ideas, projects, presentations, manuscripts and published articles. A blog can be the perfect solution to building an electronic educational portfolio.

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