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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hearing voices located in Schizophrenia

Highlighted areas in the picture above indicate increased activation associated with emotional auditory stimuli in 21 patients with Schizophrenia compared to 10 healthy controls. This result was obtained in a study with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) comparing 21 male patients with Schizophrenia and persistent auditory hallucinations. On average the patients started to hear voices at age 23. Their average illness duration was 15 years.
The results showed functional abnormalities and corresponding gray matter deficits in several brain regions associated with regulating emotion and processing human voices.

"The results showed abnormalities in specific areas of the brain associated with the capacity to process human voices," said lead author, Luis Mart'-Bonmat', M.D., Ph.D., chief of magnetic resonance in the Department of Radiology at Dr. Peset University Hospital in Valencia, Spain. Dr. Mart'-Bonmat' said. "Using MRI to mark brain regions that are affected in both structure and function will help pinpoint specific abnormalities associated with the disease and ultimately enable more effective treatment."

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