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Sunday, August 19, 2007

TimeLineMaker for Psychiatry

Patients in psychiatry have complicated medical histories. Patients with Bipolar disorder are one of them. Patients often have multiple episodes with different medication schedules, helpful or not. Life Charts are used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes with these patients. Other mental illnesses also have a fluctuating course with partial or complete remission. A recent article on discussed TimelineMaker, a software package specifically designed to create clean looking time lines.

You quickly enter a series of events and details like time and place, click the button that generates the chart, and you automatically get a simple timeline. From here one can add details to the chart, move things around, add notes, and generally change the look and feel of the timeline.

Looks perfect to me for reconstructing patient histories, you can download a trial version at TimeLineMaker.
Here an example from the software maker:

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