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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Russian Psychiatry

On the International Herald Tribune Europe an article shows a summary of top stories in Russian newspapers on Thursday, October 4 2007.
One newspaper had a story about Russian psychiatry:


THE STATE OF RUSSIAN PSYCHIATRY: Russia's Constitutional Court will review laws regulating psychiatric care on Thursday following several recent cases in which people complained of being forcefully confined in psychiatric facilities for their political affiliations or other non-medical reasons, a practice reminiscent of Soviet treatment of political dissidents. Tatyana Dmitrieva, the health ministry's head psychiatrist, called such complaints "speculation," and said the psychiatric field should be further developed rather than curtailed. Particularly, she said, psychiatric care should be provided to Russia's many immigrants, who often suffer depression and other psychological illnesses when they arrive. has some more information suggesting "a return to the bad old days" when it was used in part to suppress political dissidents. Alliance for Human Research Protection has some more information

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