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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Are whales smarter than humans?

A post on Thinking as a hobby about recent articles in Scientific American about the brains of whales and humans.

whales have bigger brains than humans. I've made the argument here before that the human neocortex expanded through evolution finding a scalable modules (the minicolumn) and largely increasing the number of those modules.

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A Translucent Amoebae said...

There is also the issue that Whales are much bigger than humans, and in the case of Dolphins, they apparently use an echo-location apparatus that may require a more intensive neural section than, say; our speech center.
Then: There is the additional question of; Even if we allow that they are smarter; What does that mean?
How are they smarter?
How is that manifest in either their behavior or unseen thinking...?