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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Biased Medical Education

It is all about the influence of drug companies on doctors' compulsory education in the US. Fat change that the material is biased by the funding drug company.
Two small studies have attempted the first objective measurements of bias in doctors' education, they are discussed on

Dr Carlat is busy validating a instrument, called the Commercial Bias Inventory (CBI). He is going to blindly rate a number of CME articles and report his findings.
From The Carlat Psychiatry Blog:

A few months ago, Jim Giles, a science writer for the New Scientist and Nature, called me out of the blue to ask about my opinions on drug industry-funded CME. I gave him my usual earful, and mentioned a preliminary study on CME bias that I presented at the American Psychiatric Association meeting two years ago. He asked to see the raw data, meaning the ghost-written CME articles, and it impressed me that he took this level of interest.

Can't wait for their findings.

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