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Saturday, November 10, 2007

New Health Site for Consumers

PDRHealth has a lot of information for health consumers about Drugs Diseases, and Online Health Tools.
The information is accurate, easy to navigate through but there is some advertising.

The page is divided into several tabs of information, including Drugs & Supplements, Diseases & Conditions, and Online Health Tools. (The online health tools include a drug interactivity checker and several profiling tools designed to give you treatment options for various illnesses. These look for the most part like they were developed in conjunction with other Web sites and brought under the PDRhealth aegis. All the ones I looked at required registration.)

Via ResearchBuzz

The owner of the site Thomson is the publisher of the Physicians’ Desk Reference.

It also has a link to a site for Healthcare Professionals: You will have to register and it's not for non US physicians.

Membership entitles you to FREE access and all it has to offer, including:

* Daily News Updates
* Journal Reprints
* Full FDA-approved Product Labeling
* Clinical Slide Sets
* Multi-drug Interaction Checker
* Clinical Guidelines
* Patient Education
* eDetail Opportunities
* Our mobile application
to download to your PDA, FREE

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