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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Italian Quack Treats Breast Cancer with Sodium Bicarbonate

Horrifying story from a Dutch Medblog written in English. Dr Lutser who has a famous Dutch Medblog reports about an Italian Doctor Simoncini. This Doctor Simoncini is well known for his assumption that cancer is a fungus and should therefore be treated with sodium bicarbonate.

By the beginning of October 2007 Dr. Simoncini flew to the Netherlands and started treating Sylvia with intratumoral bicarbonate injections. He was supported by an Italian male assistant who is a doctor as well. She received up to 20 injections in her breast tumor. Shortly thereafter she became sick and contacted the general practitioner who prescribed something for diarrhea. While getting worse every day, her friend contacted Simoncini’s assistant who diagnosed ordinary flu over the telephone.

Read the whole article by Dr Lutser

Found a website about this quackery:

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Anonymous said...

New insights. James Randi tests...
Also on dokerlutser