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Thursday, November 8, 2007

ECT Case Report in the NEJM

It is not every day that an article about ECT appears in the New England Journal of Medicine. This is a case report about an elderly woman with a history of recurrent unipolar major depression with psychotic depression and suicidal thoughts.

This Journal feature begins with a case vignette that includes a therapeutic recommendation. A discussion of the clinical problem and the mechanism of benefit of this form of therapy follows. Major clinical studies, the clinical use of this therapy, and potential adverse effects are reviewed. Relevant formal guidelines, if they exist, are presented. The article ends with the author's clinical recommendations.

This case report is written by Sarah H. Lisanby, M.D., an authority on ECT.

The article is not free, if your library can't provide access wait another month or send Dr Shock a comment on this post.


herb said...

Hi doc,

While I do appreciate your blog and the information you find and post I am somewhat disappointed.

I am trying to obtain Dr. Lisanby’s article and commentary because I would like to read her views which bring me back to my disappointment with your blog.

The fact that you post an article of information that I may miss is great but in my opinion what is seriously missing are your views as a professional. I’d like to see you taking a stand and airing your position on these matters.

Otherwise your site is nothing more than another news feed.

My thoughts are shared with all good intentions but you as a professional, having a blog site; I want to read what you have to say especially not being a part of the medical establishment in the U.S.A.


Dr. Shock said...

Well Herb, my opinion is that it is very well done this case report and that people can learn a lot from this publication. And I think that Mrs Lisanby did a great job, wrote an educational piece about ECT and the elderly. There should be much more articles in the NEJM about ECT especially because the number of elderly is increasing rapid. They are the most important patients group for ECT when depressed because they usually don't tolerate antidepressants, get worse very quickly.
Thanks for your comment will keep your advice in mind, regards Dr Shock