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Saturday, May 10, 2008

10 Things You can Learn from a Digital Detox Week

Yes Dr Shock is preparing for his yearly holiday, should he keep on blogging or just go "cold turkey"? Can he cope with his blog addiction? What do you think let me know in the comments.

As some of you will know I took part in Adbusters’ Mental Detox Week last week. This meant I stopped doing screen and computer based stuff as much as possible. I was at work so there were obviously times when I had to check email and things. But I did manage to cut it right down to a bare minimum. Outside of work it was a total no computer, no TV, no iPod existence for me. Which is quite a big thing in my ordinary daily life.

  • E-mail can wait

  • Phones are good

  • Screens and Sleep

and so on, and so on......
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Aqua said...

I think it is a great idea to drop all the electronic gadgets...including cell phone, while on holiday; though I would have a tough time leaving my i-Pod at home. However, when I think of it, the i-Pod distances me from others and from truly experiencing the reality of a particular situation (i.e. in the woods walking I don't hear the birds, or the rusling leaves in the wind, on the streets maybe I miss an opportunity to interact with someone etc.)
Although I would miss your blog I say leave the electronics stuff at home for a whole week and experience the "real" world.
Have a great holiday.

Dr. Shock said...

iPod is part of my holiday, listening to music while chilling, terrific. After a days hike nothing more relaxing than listening to my iPod.
Can't miss your blog either although sometimes reading some of your posts sent shivers down my spine. You can write so very intense, always amazing , thanks and as always regards Dr Shock