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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Made It Into A Grand Round: Smack Down

Dr Shock appears in a grand round at Doc Gurley.

This week here at Doc Gurley is the Grand Rounds Smack Down edition, where the best contenders of the health care blogosphere wrestle down and dirty with tough, scary topics. Just like being in the ring, there’s no orderly progression of characters here – this ain’t ballet, folks. At any moment, something huge and impressive could come flying out of left field and hit you (ka-pow!) right between the eyes! There’s no first, no last – we’re here to entertain (and take out a few bad guys while we’re at it). We’ve got a lot of contestants, oops, I mean, submissions, vaulting into the ring. One thing’s for sure - if you hang with it to the end of this week’s match, right up to the point when the lights dim in the arena, you’ll be entertained.

And it is a Grand Round very well done, it covers all the best medblogs out there, go read it

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