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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Goodbeye Gadgets,Hello Moleskine

Gadgets are nice, but are they worth all the trouble? Syncing, updating, charging, bloated software, to many features? Or should we go back to good old easy and fast notebooks of paper? Let me know in the comments.

Goodbye gadgets

After years spent tracking the latest gadget trends, handing over my credit card for a PDA upgrade every 4-6 months, and receiving odd glances in public for reading The Gawkish Geek’s Guide to Gadgets (monthly), I gave up my fancy gizmos and electronic organisers for good.
Hello Moleskine

In recognition of the intense effort it takes for a self-confessed gadget geek to drop his ‘habit’, I hope you won’t mind when I admit to replacing it with another: the love of Moleskine notebooks. These simple notebooks are both beautiful and relatively gentle on the wallet.

Moleskine Notebooks: The Ultimate Guide



Anonymous said...

I love & use the Moleskin sketchbooks!

Dr. Shock said...

What kind?

The Shrink said...

Addicted to 'puters for most things but still use a pencil and filofax for organising all meetings and appointments.

Low tech but easy, effortless and it works. Tried a personal organiser, but I prefer pencil and paper. Ho hum!

Anonymous said...

The Moleskin sketch-book with the thicker paper pages.
Confession of Confabula: For working notes I also use pencil and paper...

Dr. Shock said...

I waist a lot of time with learning to use different gadgets and than forget about them.
Regards Dr Shock