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Monday, May 26, 2008

Grand Round: Gene Genie #32 - Googling the Genie

Welcome to the 32nd edition of Gene Genie, a blog carnival devoted to genes and genetic conditions. This edition includes some excellent articles on genes and gene-related diseases, genetics, genomics and personalized genetics.

Dr Shock is in this excellent grand round with genes and gene related diseases. Go read these excellent articles about the newest research on genes: the 32nd edition of Gene Genie


Anonymous said...

He Dr S - what about the blogging time-out?

Dr. Shock said...

Dear Confabula,
I don't consider these quick links as serious posts or are they just "quick excuses" from a blog addicted professional;)
Regards Dr Shock

Anonymous said...

Feeling slightly guilty?

Anonymous said...

... even not anxious or restless?? ... not developing any strange rituals? ... You're a winner!
Enjoy your time!