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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Archive the WEB, write a book on the web or use livescribe offline

Some tech talk now. The web has very useful information about health, medication, and illness to name a few.
Problem:Del is ideal for storing all the links for these websites. Nevertheless the web is also rapidly evolving, links can vanish, so clicking the link in delivers a blank page, link gone.
Solution: Diigo: a social bookmarking service that caches a full version of each bookmarked page with all the graphics and formatting intact. No more lost links. Moreover it is much faster than according to the comments on this post about Diigo at LifeClever. Also some suggested uses from Diigo: in research, a want list, recipes and yes Blogging:

Blogging. One of the big advantages of a social bookmarking service is the social part. Diigo makes it easy to share your links, post them to your blog, or even do an automatic daily post of links to your site.

Problem: Wrting a book online has several advantages: work from anywhere, quick use of the internet for links or texts.
Solution: Google Docs. On Google Blogoscoped there is a whole article about using google docs for writing a book online. With the outline, naming documents, workflow, you name it it's there.
Maybe I will switch from using wikis or word to using google docs with this article as instruction
There are many other differences between the two programs. Google Docs is free, for instance, whereas Word isn't. There may be smaller differences in start-up times (Google documents could really use a speed boost in this regards). One other thing I like about Google docs, or most web applications, is that I can switch to the English interface; this makes it much easier to, for instance, communicate about the application in help groups, or search for certain things in regards to the application.

OK not everyone is into using online applications for their notes. In comes Livescribe with the pulse smartpen. A pen that can record what you are writing as well as record and sync audio with whatever you write, so you never miss a word. With Paper Replay, users can tap on their notes written on paper to hear exactly what was said. They can also fast forward, rewind, jump ahead, pause, and even speed up or slow down their audio recordings using controls printed on the bottom of each page. Yes your notes on the computer screen as well as on paper. You will have to see it to believe it Have a look at the demo video's at
You can't buy it yet, takes a couple of months.


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