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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Firefox 3.0 comming up

Dr Shock is a Google adept. Fortunately Firefox and Google match well together. For blogging I solely rely on Google reader, Google notes and Blogger, all integrated in Firefox. Off line so now and then I use Marsedit and Devonthink for blogging.

What do you use, let me know in the comments

Mozilla just announced that they are planning on having the first Release Candidate build of Firefox 3 Beta 3 coming next Monday.
Two new features:

  • new Windows themes

  • Add-ons manager for finding extensions without ever going to the add-ons site

For screen shots see Cybernet


The Shrink said...

I use pretty much only Google as a generic search engine, unless I'm looking for specific pubmed/medline stuff.

I don't have Internet Explorer on my home 'puters at all and use Firefox exclusively. It's a faster engine than IE, and more secure, and I love the effortless tabbed browsing.

Ah the holy trio of Google, Wiki and an online dictionary, to satisfy all my needs!

Dr. Shock said...

Sometimes live is that simple. Love google notes, that is were I dump links and notes and clips.
Regards Dr Shock