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Friday, January 18, 2008

Use of the PlayStation 3 Cell Chip For Neuroimaging

A joint team from both the Mayo Clinic and IBM is working to find ways to use the Cell chip, mostly known for running inside the PlayStation 3 videogame console, in a medical imaging system.

"This is focusing on the quality of the medicine," said Erickson. "We might take an image of someone's brain tumor to see if it's getting better or worse or staying the same. We're looking for really subtle changes. You might find out after two months of radiation that it's not working, and you want to switch their treatment. If you have a human interpret that image, they may not see any difference, and the doctor will have them keep on with that same treatment, which in reality is not helping. ... We can have a computer take that image and focus more quickly on what areas need attention."

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