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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Look What rTMS Can Do in the Hands of a Smart Dutch Psychologist

This video is in Dutch but illustrative.

No hassle with treatment-resistant depressed patients, no comparison with Electroconvulsive Therapy or any other treatment for that matter. Just plain Personalized Medicine what ever that may be. And a nice website: Brainclinics Diagnostics & Treatment rTMS results (in English)

In the Brainclinics Treatment clinic in Nijmegen (The Netherlands) rTMS has been applied over the last year in a practical setting and combined with psychotherapy. In this setting any client with depression is treated (so not only treatment resistive patients). The rTMS treatment is personalized for every client using their individual QEEG on the basis of which the stimulation site is chosen. Furthermore, the EEG is used to rule out contra-indications – such as paroxysmal activity and the presence of beta spindles.

Personalized Medicine?

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