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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Journalists Recycle News

The Last Psychiatrist has another example of how journalists keep recycling "news". This time it is about a cocaine vaccine and how they all hope that it will become the first-ever medication to treat people hooked on the drug.

Read another example of recycling and upgrading news on this blog: Electroshock treatment for internet addiction in China?

Journalist unhesitatingly use electroshock to draw attention to old news. has an old story about China clinic gives 'web addicts' shock treatment.

Besides it being old news e.g. compared to these articles back in 2005 on: usa today and BBC NEWS, although the best is from february 2007. They all report about the same clinic:The Internet Addiction Treatment Center in Daxing County. Moreover, in Western studies no consensus exists as to whether Internet addiction really exists.

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