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Monday, March 17, 2008

Interview with Gina Trapani on Tim Ferriss Blog

Gina Trapani
Tim Ferris is the author of the book: The 4 Hour Work Week. Read his book but beside some advice about avoiding to much meetings I found his book far less to the point and of relevance than the book by David Allen: Getting Things Done. But maybe that is an age thing, a generation gap. Not everyone shares this opinion.

Tim Ferriss has a blog and he recently interviewed Gina Trapani, the founding editor at Lifehacker and author of the brand-new book, Upgrade Your Life. I read her first edition of this book called Lifehacker, you can see the link on the right sidebar in the recommend books section of this blog. I ordered it special delivery but I am still waiting, will review it when I have read it, hopefully soon. In this interview they covered from morning routine to top downloads and more, they were able to cover a lot of topics in just 8 questions.

I liked this one:

4. What are some common “time management” tactics or approaches that you disagree with or don’t follow, and why?

To some degree, I reject the super-structured, old school of time management thought, the type of rigid planning where you say “from 10AM till 10:45 I’m going to work on TPS reports. From 10:45 to 11:15 check email,” etc. As a “web worker,” by nature I embrace serendipity and tangents, and like to keep myself open to working on unexpected things that excite me, even if they’re not in the plan. For example, a few years back, during some web surfing, I happened upon a tutorial on how to build Firefox extensions. I let myself go down the rabbit hole, so to speak, and now extension development is a big part of what I do.


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