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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Anxiety Disorder Discovered: Disconection Anxiety

Cyberspace takes it tole. After Internet addiction, Video Game addiction there is now a new anxiety disorder discovered: disconnection anxiety.

The American consumer is more connected and has more instant access to people and information than at any time in history. Losing that access creates disconnect anxiety.

What is disconnection anxiety?
Disconnect Anxiety refers to various feelings of disorientation and nervousness experienced when a person is deprived of Internet or wireless access for a period of time.
Overall, our research finds that 27% of the population exhibit significantly elevated levels of anxiety when disconnected. In terms of profile, 41% of this group are 12-24, 50% are 25-49 and 9% are over the age of 50.

So "elderly" experience less or no disconnection anxiety (duh)

Teens feel deprived form their friends, they suffer mostly from the social consequences of their disconnection. Afraid to be cut-off from their friends
Young adults also fear their disconnection from work. Afraid they will miss opportunities.
Boomers also use their gadgets for safety, without it they miss their "lifeline" or a "safety net". They feel safer when carrying it

Who discovers this crap?
Solutions Research Group (SRG) is a consumer research firm with special expertise in media, technology,wireless, leisure, youth and multicultural markets.
Based in Toronto, the firm is best known for its syndicated quarterly tracking studies of consumer behavior, including Digital Life America in the U.S. and Fast Forward in the Canadian market.

Medicalizing adaptation to new developments again. I won't be surprised if they come up with cognitive behavioral therapy for disconnection anxiety.

Thanks engadget
You can download the report on engadget.

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