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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Upgrade Your Life

upgrade your life by gina trapani
Recently read this new book by Gina Trapani. Read the previous edition a while ago, lifehacker. This new book, upgrade your life, is a little smaller but thicker. The chapters are in a different order compared to the previous edition. This new book starts off with Control Your Email. Indeed an important chapter. In comparison with the previous edition in this chapter all the scattered information about e-mail and how to control it is put in one excellent and explanatory chapter.

The chapters about: Organize Your Data, Trick Yourself into Getting Done, and Clear your Mind rely heavenly on Getting Things Done by David Allen. The selection of hacks are very useful as well as the mentioned software and web based solutions. Remember the Milk (online todo list and task management)is thoroughly explained, I tried it for a while but I like Omnifocus better. Unfortunately omnifocus is not web based and can't be synchronized with the iPhone yet.

After these chapters a lot is to follow. Firewall your attention was an eyeopener to me, especially the tip to shut down your e-mail program when working is terrific.
In Streamline Common Tasks a lot of tips and tricks follow. Saving website pass words, a way to learn your self new pass words based on one basic pass word, text messaging efficiently all in this chapter to name a few.

If you want to get all your data to go or learn how to master the web in these chapters there is a lot of information on just to do that.

There is an accompanying website with errata and links related to the subjects, even links to articles on Gina Trapani is the founding editor of this software and productivity blog.

This new book doesn't add a lot of new information to the old version.

Over all the book has certainly matured. The new order of chapters is more "natural" or logical. The text is well written. It doesn't need a high ranking on the nerd-o-meter to comprehend even the most difficult tricks.

Ever wondered how a computer can be of benefit to your life? Buy this book and you will know how.

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