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Sunday, September 30, 2007

13 questions about depression answered by OrganizedWisdom

OrganizedWisdom has excellent information on depression. The information delivered is divided in:
1. 5 great resources
2. what is depression
3. what are the symptoms and complications of depression
4. what are the types of depression
5. what are the treatments of depression
6. what Are The Holistic and Alternative Treatments for Depression
7. how do you prevent depression?
8. wisdom, stories and blogs about depression
9. foundations and support groups on depression
10. message boards, chat and discussions about depression
11. scientific and medical journal articles on depression
12. clinical trials on depression
13. related searches

There is no WisdomCard for electroconvulsive therapy yet.

About OrganizedWisdom:

It shouldn't be a time consuming process to quickly find links to the very best resources when searching for health information. So, we are solving this problem by adding the wisdom of trained expert search guides and physician reviewers to the power of algorithmic-only search tools and social bookmarking sites. This human-powered model helps us deliver far superior health search results by eliminating search index spam from low-quality websites, links to duplicative libraries of licensed health content or potentially dangerous web sites.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by our site! We're adding new WisdomCards all the time, and we know depression is a topic of great interest to our audience. We're also welcoming applications from people who'd like to be Wisdom Guides at Keep your eye on us -- we're getting better every day!