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Friday, September 21, 2007

iPod Stethoscope

An unusual story but it seems that the old stethoscope could be replaced in the future by the ipod. Unusual subject for Dr Shock as well but he has an iPod and loves gadgets to.

Gearlive has an article about this new development although unclear.

iPod are already in use to teach medical students all kinds of heart murmurs and sounds:

Barrett produced a CD that mimicked the sounds of six abnormal heart conditions and gave it to a group of medical students, who promptly uploaded the recordings to their iPods.

Found an earlier article of the use of ipod as a stethoscope on turbogadgets
Anyway the iPod Stethoscope package combines a diagnostic stethoscope with compatible software that is able to record and playback sounds, the stethoscope has a fifty times amplification, which enables it to be used under many difficult circumstances, yet can still get excellent readings from faint heart beats to obese patients and in a very noisy environments, this makes the package a useful tool for other professions which would require the use of recording and amplification.

Anyone with more information on this development?

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