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Friday, September 7, 2007

Brain Maps

Dr Shock needs refreshment of his memory when certain brain areas are mentioned in articles. He has found several websites that can help with clear pictures or search boxes.

This site from the BBC has an interactive brain map, you can find structures or brain functions by clicking on them.

On the same site you can rotate a brain, text explains the different regions.

More difficult to use but very interesting and instructive is a site from Harvard University with 3D images from the normal anatomy as well as from particular diseases such as CVA or stroke, brain tumor, dementia and infectious disease. Structures are clearly labelled. You can control the place of the slices yourself

An entertaining refreshing of simple anatomy of the brain is on this video on YouTube

Another interactive brain map. The structures are not named so you need some understanding of brain anatomy. This site also has a quiz. The url of the maps can be copied easily. It has animations, 3D pictures and a lot more.

A simple flash brain map is easy to use. Not very detailed but the main parts and bodies are covered in this map.

Well for Dr Shock this is enough , he regrets that all those pictures and maps are hard or impossible to integrate in a blog post.

Anyone suggestions for other brain maps and pictures for "educational" use?
Thanks Dr Shock


MG said...

Hi Dr Shock
The University of Toronto provides their model: 'neuronotes':

Keep up the good work!

Dr. Shock said...

Thanks for the tip, regards Dr Shock