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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Gopubmed and linking to search or article

When Dr Shock left Dresden he got an invitation by e-mail to visit: The company behind gopubmed, discussed in an earlier article about gopubmed on this blog.
Regretfully he had just left Dresden for der Pfalz, also in Germany, for photos see on flickr.

The were so kind to offer a solution for linking to searches and articles on gopubmed.

Please read their e-mail reply:

you can link to GoPubMed simply using the link:

This is the direct link into our search engine.
This is a link which will remain stable even in future versions.

The parameter q is the query string. For the parameter t please use the name


Example using a PubMed article with PMID 15980585:

A simple link to GoPubMed without query:

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