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Sunday, September 16, 2007

I am a MUP

I am a Midlife Urban Professional and I should worry. According to a Dutch newspaper (NRC) the babyboomers look down on me because we were to young to battle against the establishment in the sixties and seventies, I am to old to start a new career and to old for a retraining, government measures for retirement don't apply to me, and it remains to be seen whether the younger generation will still be prepared to pay for my care in about 20 years from now.

MUPs are not limited to the Netherlands. In the US the MUPs have to live on less money

The phenomenon can be traced to the recession of the early 90s and the downsizing of American companies. Eager to trim costs, corporations are cutting the middle--mid-managers, most of them middle-aged. According to a 1992 report in Business Week, "some two million middle-management positions have been permanently eliminated." And the prospects for reemployment are not good. According to The Wall Street Journal, most of these laid-off, white-collar professionals are reentering the workforce at one-half their previous salaries. Business Week says it succinctly, "The newly dispossessed are increasingly aware that they often have nowhere to look but down."

According to Mike Bellah

Well don't worry, I still love my job, and I have a lot of interests that keep me going besides my job. But that is also characteristic for the MUP. He or she values work above income.

Characteristics of a MUP:
1. Born between 1955-1963
2. High education
3. Idealistic instead of materialistic

Does anyone recognize him- or herself in this picture and do you worry?


Anonymous said...

Ik ben van de generatie nix.

Volgens mij is het enige verschil met het lijstje dat ik in 1974 geboren ben. Ik heb er vooralsnog ook geen problemen mee.

Dr. Shock said...

Mooi houden zo, wel jong nog ;)