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Thursday, September 20, 2007

This Week's Grand Round along Dutch Medblogs

This grand round for Dutch Medblogs was started by Jan at He is on my blogroll.
On his blog there is an extensive article about evidence based medicine. He also links in his article to several other recent medblog articles in english.

Dr Lutser worries about the Dutch health care system. He fears that due to more market orienting health care a clear division between haves and have nots will evolve.

A funny English song explains what anesthetists do when their patients are a sleep on .

Admitted patients are more severely ill in comparison with say about 10 years ago, hospital stay is shortened since then, turn-over increased, medical technology and regulations increased as well as "paper work", all explanations for the increased safety risks for patients. Especially since the number of nurses and nursing staff has not increased proportionally. This was established in a recent research by a non-profit research institution in The Netherlands. Nurses have less time to take care for their patients. Writes 100% Mike.

Nurse Klivia is in Iceland, with nice pictures. Another funny travel story with pictures from Greece on manager zorg verteld

On Hotline to Home their is a interesting discussion on anonymous blogging by physicians.

Wireless LAN harmless in Hospitals on

Are patients more often depressed after myocardial infarction and is this a reason not to prescribe beta-blocking agents? Two important questions raised in an article on ecgreetje

If you want an automatic translation of e.g. for a blog please see DigiCMB. This blog is written in English, unfortunately there is no Dutch translation.

And last but not least Psych-Leiden***Club-Confabula with a couple of interesting articles from which it is hard to choose. In one of them the dangers of internet are discussed: internet-stress, infomania, and internet addiction. Luckily some tips to treat them or prevent them are also given. Loneliness is in your genes and is accompanied by lower immunity and higher risk of infections. By the way her RSS feed is working again.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dr. Shock, for hosting this weeks dutch grand rounds.