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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Are all Bloggers Infomaniacs?

Try to switch off your computer and mobile telephone for a few days. If you can't there is a possibility that you are suffering from Infomania according to PuraEPA.

Infomania can be defined as a state of mental distress caused by a combination of factors involving new technology. Apart from impairing the intellect, people who constantly interrupt their daily schedules to respond to emails, text messages and comments and to answer phone calls are effectively losing the equivalent of a night’s sleep according to the research so it’s no wonder they are less alert.

Blogging is a popular pursuit where serious Infomaniacs can spill out their views and opinions to anyone that happens to pass by. Fellow Infomaniacs can review and rate their work, some will leave critical comments, others positive encouragement but all serve to perpetuate social networking and distract us from other tasks.

That's not the only "job hazzard" bloggers can suffer from. Blog Addiction is another.

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