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Monday, December 10, 2007

"Hands-on" Expert writes about her Experiences with ECT, electroconvulsive therapy

ECT electroconvulsive therapy electroshock
A written account on Vicarious Therapy about her experiences during an ECT course.

I did not create a video when I went through my ECT treatments, but I did the next best thing; I wrote about my experiences with ECT on a Bipolar/Depression Discussion Board as I was going through the 8 treatments I received.

A compelling story about the ECT and how she experienced the treatment.
My 1st treatment was Friday. As my brain is super important to me I had all sort of concerns about the procedure and its effect on my intellectual abilities. I read tons. The document on this website: has lots of info. The Drs told me that I may have some short term memory loss for around the time of the treatments, but that most of those would come back within a few weeks of the treatments ending. The literature and studies I have read say the same thing.

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