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Monday, December 24, 2007

Mood Foods and Tea

Now your at it, going to eat delicious Christmas dinners with dark chocolate after, here are some considerations before you start.

Mood Food or what is your mood today and find out what food could help your mood.

Your Mood: Depressed

Problems at home are doing you in.

Your Meal: Grilled salmon or sushi for dinner

Here's Why: A study in Finland found that people who eat more fish are 31 percent less likely to suffer from depression. And skip sweet, simple carbs­ — the inevitable sugar crash can actually deepen depression.

Probably a lot of crap but funny

Drinking? Older than 70, try Tea. Tea will keep your bones stronger as you age.

Researchers know of two things in tea that help bones: polyphenols, (which include flavonoids) some of which have estrogen-like qualities; and fluoride, which helps keep teeth and bones strong. Green tea, which is a rich source of EGCG, also helps to keep bones strong by inhibiting bone reabsorption, part of the natural cycle of bone breakdown and rebuilding that is always occurring in our bodies.

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