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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Stop prescribing medication as sleepers

Yesterday here in The Netherlands we had a symposium about sleep wake cycle disorders. Again I was astonished by the fact that most complaints of sleeplessness could be seen as poor sleep hygiene and sleep wake cycle disorders.

Simple sleep hygiene measures are mostly effective. In case of an underlying psychiatric illness the treatment of this illness is the most important solution to treat the accompanying sleep complaints.

This post is inspired by a cry for help on intueri: to contemplate: Stop prescribing antipsychotic medications as sleepers!
In a comment complaints about sleep are compared to pain

I have never understood writing out prescriptions for “sleepers” on request. Do we do the same with pain? (”My chest hurts.” “Here, have some Vicodin.”)

Stop prescribing sleep drugs period, first find out the underlying cause of this complaint.

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