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Monday, December 17, 2007

Mental Health Unit for Personality Disorders Closed in UK

The Henderson Clinic in Sutton does intensive work with people who have a moderate or severe personality disorder. These patients have enduring emotional and behavioral problems which can involve them harming themselves or others.

A consultant psychiatrist, Dr Diana Menzies, said: "These are people who, if not treated, tend to come back through the revolving door and on to acute wards in psychiatric hospitals.

There is also the opinion of a patient Vicky about the closure of this important and unique mental hospital on BBC News Health

Royal College of Psychiatrists' Centre for Quality Improvement (CCQI) statement on the closure of the Henderson Hospital in Surrey

According to Mad World:
The story says the unit has not been full over the past year but it seems surprising given that the government is supposed to be treating personality disorder services as a priority and had launched a National Personality Disorder Program.


Anonymous said...

Very good article, you make some interesting points.

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Dr. Shock said...

Thank you, you are very kind, but I only agree with others about this subject.
Regards Dr Shock