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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Medicine 2.0 in 2015

A futuristic view on medical treatment in 2015 enhanced by computer and Internet. It is called Medicine 2.0. Nice post with a lot of links on the topic of how computers and internet can be and probably will be used in the future. On in English.

Early morning april 7th 2015 I wake up because my son cries. I go to his room and he looks ill. He is coughing and has a fever. Do I need to alert a physician? Or can I wait a little longer? I touch the screen in the room to enter the symptoms my son shows into an online application. Luckily my son’s condition is not serious and I just need to give him some medication. But what medication is right? Do I need standard proven medication or should I try new medication that is still in trial? I can easily understand the information since most public accessible health information is written according to clear guidelines.

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